Year 11 – E.Learning-Timetable-Instructions


To: All students of Year 11.

In this message you will find a very important check list, please read it carefully before attending the first session. You will also find the schedule of classes under the checklist.

Check list:

  1. Well-charged laptop or phone (due to electricity instability).
  2. Valid email address to sign in/up into Google account.
  3. Notebook and a pen to take notes.
  4. Stay in a quiet place.
  5. Inform everyone in the house that you’re having a lesson to avoid interruptions.
  6. You have at least 1 GB internet data remaining.
  7. Check with your subject teacher to find out which application the teacher will use to conduct his/her lessons.

Thank you,

Please find out which group you belong to from the lists below the tables.

Year 11 E.Learning Timetable