Morning Arrival:

The school gates open daily at 6:45 am , upon arrival the students are met by the Principal and three of the teaching Faculty staff; they are greeted and ushered through the gates into the school playground .


There are two assemblies that take place daily before  classes. An assembly for the primary section and another for the secondary section. Assembly starts at 7:40 Am and end at 8:00 am. Student follow a set of programs to show their talents through the assembly. Important announcement and rewards are handed during assembly time, Read More on our facebook account

Classes & Academic:

Each grade consists of more than one class, each holding up 25 students . Students’ work and achievements are displayed on the walls of the class. Teachers also display materials to assist in the learning process, these displays consist of diagrams , pictures and posters .

Extracurricular activities:

Beside academic work the school encourages extracurricular activities. These activities include sport and non-sport, CSR and event. Through these activities the students learn and improve their personal , physical and social skills

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The school Cafeteria is in the premises, serving a variety of sandwiches and drinks . Our kitchen provides healthy food to improve the student’s eating habits. We offer all natural juices, healthy homemade snacks and fresh fruits.

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School Family:

 “We believe it to be self-evident that young people are happiest, most successful and secure at school when they are aware that a positive and cooperative-operative relationship exists between their parents and the school. This policy makes it clear what standards we wish to maintain and how we intend to do so.We will do our utmost to support this endeavor and ask all parents/careers to do likewise by working in close partnership with us and acknowledging their responsibility”

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Our School has 2 Science labs, 4 Computer labs , Art and Music Rooms , Library , School Clinic , School Cafeteria , Resource Room ,School yard ,Media Room ,and 6 Interactive white boards.  The use of these facilities is incorporated into the curriculum for all levels.

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