Principal Message

Welcome to the British Educational School, the IGCSE section.

My name is Mutassim Zarroug, for the past seven years I have enjoyed  being the principal of the IGCSE Section of the British Educational Schools. The main source of this joy is the high commitment of the members of the school family to make each other work happily in the school.

In this brief message I would like to go over the school vision and explain how we integrate it in our daily business. Our school vision says:

“At BES, our students will achieve at their highest potential and beyond, in order to succeed in a global society”

It is our belief that every child has potential for high achievement and if this potential is invested well, the child will then perform at his\her best in all aspects of life. At BES we work hard to help our students function beyond their highest potential. BES graduates will be able to communicate effectively, think creatively, work collaboratively, and solve complex problems wherever they go.

We value so much the contribution of all parents in the school community programs and events. Having such excellent partnership with parents made the culture in the school full of trust and respect.

The BES family recognizes the importance of the social responsibility and committed itself to a number of programs and projects established to support our national community. Such community programs and projects are planned, organized and executed by our students guided by their parents and teachers.

At BES we believe that extracurricular activities play a major part in the growth of our youngsters. We work at our best to offer broad spectrum of extracurricular activities for students to select the ones that fit their talent and interest.

I would greatly appreciate  your visit to our site whether you are a member of the school family or a guest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with a question or a comment.

Mutassim Zarroug, Principal