BES Elearning

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I hope this letter finds you and your family well and hope you are managing the challenging times we are currently living in.
We are excited to announce the start of our E- Learning (Online Learning) period.
Out of the numerous E-learning platforms/ systems available now, the school choices were narrowed down to 3 and they are: EasyClass, Edmodo and Google Classroom. The next two weeks will be a trial period for these 3 E- Learning (Online Learning) platforms / systems. in preparation for our next school academic year (2020 – 2021).

The 3 E- Learning (Online Learning) platforms/ systems were divided among different year levels in the school. Please refer to the table below to locate your child’s year level taught and the E- Learning (Online Learning) system to be used:

Important dates:

• Tuesday June 30th: All classes to be conducted through the E- Learning (Online Learning) platforms / systems assigned for each class level. Termination of WhatsApp Groups.

• Thursday July 16th 2020: End of Term 3.

Synchronous (Interactive) E-Learning

Since face-to-face learning on school campuses for all students is no longer possible, students might be able to gather for synchronous (interactive) learning times, with their teacher using Zoom Cloud Meetings, or Google Meet. For students who cannot join the activity in real-time, the teachers will provide resources such as a video or screencast, slides, or other materials for them to access at a later time.

Please be advised that teachers will be available to answer any questions or clarify instructions on how to do the work assigned to students during “office hours” which are the period time mentioned in the lesson timetable that will sent at a later time. Please be sure that your child is keeping in touch with his/her teachers.

Parents may communicate with the school at any point when they face some challenges through E- Learning (Online Learning). We look forward to working with you as we all tackle this challenge.

Keep well, stay safe and God bless.
School Administration

قنوات التواصل مع  المدرسة في مشكلة أكاديمية.. :
1)Through the assistant teachers or the class teachers
2) The child Counselor
3) Here is an email address(we check this regularly) concerns@bes.sd
4) In addition to the two administrative coordinators:
Primary: Ms. Eshraga
Secondary: Ms. Maysoon
 *المشاكل  المالية* :
مع  مستر معتصم مباشرة :
-رسالة نصية وكتابة رقم الهاتف للتواصل
-رسالة صوتية

Message From the Principal