Story Writing Competition

Contest Rules 0. The contest is open from Year 3-10 year students. 1. BIG PRIZES awaits for all categories. 2. All winning and highly commended stories will be published on our School’s website 3. The story has to be written in English. 4. The theme of the fiction short story is your choice. 5. [...]

Art Competition

Objectives : The aim of the drawing competition is to engage children in a creative exercise to identify their hopes and dreams of the future. It allows complete self expression and supports their creativity and innovative ideas expressed through art. Description : -The competition contains 3 rounds -The first round starts from filling the application [...]

Making Film Competition

SAVE IT Give to Get ZOOL

Arabic Dictation Competition

To  develop the Arabic language in the school and enhance the awareness of the importance of it as their mother tongue and Quran language بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم أولًا شعبة اللغة العربية تضم شعبة اللغة العربية أربعة عشر أستاذًا وأستاذة يُدرس منهج وزارة التربية والتعليم السودانية كاملًا من الصف الأول حتى الصف الثامن في الصفين [...]

Sport Championship

Reading Competition

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Quran Competition

Spelling Bee Competition {Internal and National}

A Spelling Bee is an academic program that promotes lifelong literacy and learning for students. It also encourages children to develop their reading and writing skills in addition to developing their poise for public speaking. Aims: To demonstrate to the community the importance of spelling in Sudan To encourage students to learn new words and [...]