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Welcome to School

We believe it to be self-evident that young people are happiest, most successful and secure at school when they are aware that a positive and cooperative-operative relationship exists between their parents and the school. This policy makes it clear what standards we wish to maintain and how we intend to do so.We will do our utmost to support this endeavour and ask all parents/careers to do likewise by working in close partnership with us and acknowledging thei responsibility to:

  • Contribute to policy formation through consultation processes and feel free to make constructive suggestions at any time.
  • Show support for this and other agreed school policies
    • Take an active interest in their children’s standard of work, and progress.
  • Review homework, ensuring that it is completed on time and that the standard of work is acceptable.
  • Ensure that their children attend school regularly, punctually, dressed in school uniform, properly equipped and ready to work.
  • Insist on the highest standards of behaviour, courtesy and caring and to support the school in its endeavours to develop self-disciplined and mature young people.
  • Keep the staff informed of any out-of-school problems which may affect a pupil’s performance in school.
  • Work with the school to resolve any behaviour problems that your child may have.

Contact with parents whenever appropriate to pass on praise.We believe that in a healthy school rewards should greatly outnumber punishments. Our aim must always be to celebrate positive achievement whenever possible and minimize the need for punishment. In order to do this we will monitor the frequency with which praise is given, observe patterns and changes over time and remind staff regularly about the importance of celebrating pupil success whenever possible.