Teaching physical education for all grads in the school.Organize the school tournament  between classes  and grads in football  and basketball and outside the school. Also Organize ( tournament between international schools in Khartoum every year.

The basketball of the school presented state of Khartoum in:

☆2015 in AlObaid and we had 1st place.

☆2016 in Kusti and we had  1st place.

☆2017 in Kassala we had 2nd place.

On 19th of March 2018  the school Organizing international schools cup and

we won the  1st place in boy’s  tournament.The girls had the 2nd place.

On Wednesday 21nd of March 2018 football tournament will be start and the team of school will be play the 1st match on Saturday 24.

BES basketball girls team have achieved triple victory in the 1st round of October’s competitions
BES Basketball Team on the National Tournaments Sudan in South Darfur

The school is preparing to take part in the 28 Nyala National School in South Darfur from 18 November to 5 December. The school is preparing to participate in the basket of boys and girls in addition to some cultural competitions such as English poetry and dialogue.

Champions of the seven Khartoum districts

The British basketball team has always won a series of victories and successes, both boys and girls, where the students of the school were able to excel in all three games they had last week to achieve a new achievement. They are the champions of the seven Khartoum districts and the school will be honored […]

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