Extracurricular Activities & Socialites:

Registration will start at the beginning of the school year, each student should register in one activity, which has limited number of students then activities will begin at the second week of October, two classes per week


Activities will take place at school except Swimming, Tennis and Football.


The activities department will hire trainers, caches and supervisors; they are involved in the activities and societies as well from inside or outside the school and sign a contract with them to facilitate the monitoring of their performance.


Each trainer must submit a proposal that includes the training schedule, his plan of development of students and commitment to establish a team that present the school, each team should perform at least once a term in the morning assembly or publish their works for some of non sport activities.



  • Sports: Football, Basketball, volley ball, taekwondo, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Zomba   and Karate .

  • Non-sport: Music, Art and craft, Newsletter, Cooking, Yearbook and Debating.