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We are very pleased to welcome your child to the BES Early years Foundation Stage.

This link will tell you some of the important things you need to know and answer some of the parents ask us most frequently.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or if you have any other concerns, or inquiries, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the EYFS Director, Tahani Mohamed, who will be delighted to help you.

We are sure that your child will enjoy their study and that you will see some improvement in their English during the program.

Young Learner classes at the British Educational Schools:

The young learners program has up to three levels for each age group and we have classes for children ages 3 to 5 .

What about the teachers?

All our teachers are qualified, experienced and professional.

How will my child learn?

Teachers used a variety of materials and methods to encourage students to feel involved, comfortable and happy in their learning and to make the most of their study time. Your child will use their student work books, work sheets, Inter active Board, CDs, videos, games, wall display, songs and other activities related. What ever it is, there will be lots of activities in class. Such as; oral activities, general knowledge, circle time in a small groups or in pairs in order to solve language puzzles, to share and exchange of information. This give students lots of time to practice their English and to help them learn better .Using English to communicate is the key aim in our class and completing tasks this way helps students to discover the rules of English for themselves to consolidate what they have learned.

Will my child have home work to do? 

All teachers will give their student home work to do during the course. They may have written work, spelling to learn or exercises from their work books.

Homework is a part of your child’s course and help their language development.

Will they receive a certificate?

At the end of the course your child will receive a certificate with their teacher’s comments , parents are invited to join the second half of the final class to see what goes on and watch their child receive a certificate.

What will my child study?

Our courses covered are the following skills :

  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Writing, Listening, Pronunciation, Arabic
  • Religion [Islamic/ Christian}, Music, PE and School Trip.


Which class my child will be in; 

Students joining the BES  [Reception class} for the first time are asked to take a short placement test when they come to register so we can put them in the most appropriate class. The classes are based on language ability, but it also tries to divide them into three age levels:

Play group 3-4 / Nursery 4-5 / Reception 5-6 years

When can I talk to the teacher about my child?

Teachers will be available after the end of term ceremony for you to discuss your child’s progress. If you need to see or speak to your child’s during term time, please contact the administration.

How will my child’s progress to the next levels?

Each level has three terms. After this your child should be ready to move to the next level. Parent /teacher meetings will be held at the end of each term {meant to help monitor and progress of your child].  Contact the office for an appointment.

How will my child be assessed?

Teachers use language quizzes, competitions, spelling tasks and informal tests to help student to check their own progress and the teacher will be continuously assessing your child’s class work and homework throughout the course.

What happens if my child missed a class?

Students need to attend at least 75% of the courses to continue to the next one.

Arriving late for class or missing classes can make it difficult for your child to catch up. If your child is unwell or not able to attend class, please phone and leave a message for their teacher. If your child missed a lesson without notice from you the school will contact you.

Can my child leave the premises during class? 

Student cannot leave the BES premises without parental consent and are monitored during break –time. Students cannot leave the premises with any person than the authorized person known by the administration.


Late pick up fee:

School day starts at 7:30, ends at 1:00pm.

We discourage parents from coming late to pick up it often disrupts the staff’s schedule. We realize that situations can occur beyond you control that can result in the late pick up. A late fee of 20 USD will be charged monthly.

Discipline polices:   

BES helps children develop self-control and learn acceptable forms of social behavior by explaining the limits and giving close supervision. Positive reinforcement will always be used as well as redirection .BES expects children to behave appropriately as harmful physical aggression or distraction of materials is unacceptable. Staff shares these expectations with children and their parents as they adjust to the school. Staff help children to resolve conflicts by facilitating their use of words in explaining their needs and feelings and guiding them towards positive conflict resolution. Staff encourages children to find acceptable ways to problem solve by being aware of the activities of the children and by intervening when necessary.


Sickness policies:

Sickness in children is a very difficult area to manage in schools. A sick child has an impact on everyone. Our policies are designed with this in mind.

We will call parents or authorized person’s as soon as a child shows symptoms of illness during the day, and request that the child Is picked up as soon as possible. The director may also refuse to admit the child who appears to be ill.

Children may return to school after the contagion has passed.

We strongly recommend that children with questionable symptoms should stay home.