School Closure “For the safety of our Students”

School Closure “For the safety of our Students” Dear parents, Due to the current global health issue that we all go through and according to the decision issued by the ministry of education to close all schools for a month  starting from  Sunday 15/03/2020, we would  like to highlight the following  points: According to our [...]


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Sudan’s First Revolution Anniversary

Sudan's revolution first Anniversary Sudan's revolution first Anniversary   حرية سلام و عدالة.. Freedom, Peace and Justice Starting from Sunday 15th to Thursday 19th of December. Every day with different activity according to different theme, and also there will be a big competition as daily quiz for students at BES website 🤗 the winners will be [...]

BES basketball girls team have achieved triple victory in the 1st round of October’s competitions

💢BES basketball team for girls have achieved triple victory🏆🏆🏆 in the first round of October's competitions. 💢 They won the match VS Nile Valley's team by 10 points (17/7), in the second match they won VS Khartoum American School's team by 12 points (18/6), finally they hit the goal and won the last match against [...]

Charity Bazzar

All image

Sport Day

Our main objective of such event is to strength the link between the students and their teachers. All image

Spelling Bee Competition {Internal and National}

A Spelling Bee is an academic program that promotes lifelong literacy and learning for students. It also encourages children to develop their reading and writing skills in addition to developing their poise for public speaking. Aims: To demonstrate to the community the importance of spelling in Sudan To encourage students to learn new words and [...]

Breast Cancer Orientation

It is an annual health campaign organized every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for researches into its causes, prevention and treatments. Increase student’s awareness about community and train them to help others and share their sense of effectiveness serving society. Appreciate the blessing of what they have. Educate students [...]