BES basketball girls team have achieved triple victory in the 1st round of October’s competitions

💢BES basketball team for girls have achieved triple victory🏆🏆🏆 in the first round of October's competitions. 💢 They won the match VS Nile Valley's team by 10 points (17/7), in the second match they won VS Khartoum American School's team by 12 points (18/6), finally they hit the goal and won the last match against [...]

Intercontinental Spelling Bee

In preparation for the upcoming spelling competition, coaching sessions are offered to the contestants by the school. The sessions coverall the English language skills (Reading, Writing,Speaking and Listening). The Study Material assigned for the competition is also covered by the coaches during the sessions along with thorough explanation of the rules and techniques essential for [...]


Initiative for flood victims in Sudan

Volunteer from BES collect donations for the flooded villagers ,Who were suffering from the Nile flooding,they supply them with water food and clothes We still need to collect more ... For Donation Zain 0919905424  / Sudani 0100855426 /  MTN 0991184164 /Bank of khartoum 1433022

Charity Bazzar

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Sport Day

Our main objective of such event is to strength the link between the students and their teachers. All image (function($) { "use strict"; var $container; $(document).ready(function() { // ImagesLoaded if( $(".stm-media-gallery__items-row_view_masonry").length ) { $container = $('.stm-media-gallery__items-row_view_masonry').imagesLoaded( function() { $container.isotope({ itemSelector: '.stm-media-gallery__item-col', layoutMode: 'masonry', masonry: { columnWidth: '.stm-media-gallery__item-col' } }); }); } if( $(".stm-media-gallery__items-row_view_grid").length ) { [...]

Spelling Bee Competition {Internal and National}

A Spelling Bee is an academic program that promotes lifelong literacy and learning for students. It also encourages children to develop their reading and writing skills in addition to developing their poise for public speaking. Aims: To demonstrate to the community the importance of spelling in Sudan To encourage students to learn new words and [...]

Breast Cancer Orientation

It is an annual health campaign organized every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for researches into its causes, prevention and treatments. Increase student’s awareness about community and train them to help others and share their sense of effectiveness serving society. Appreciate the blessing of what they have. Educate students [...]